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Testosterone cypionate Cypiobolic (testosterone cypionate)

Larger image Testosterone cypionate Cypiobolic
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Company: Asia Pharma
Generic Name: testosterone cypionate
Description: Cypiobolic is an intramuscular injection which is liablefor the normal growth and development of the male sex organs.
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1 VIAL containing 10 ml-200mg/ml  
190.00 USD 150.00 USD
2 X 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-200mg/ml 300.00 USD 290.00 USD
3 X 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-200mg/ml 450.00 USD 400.00 USD
Cypiobolic Injection (Testosterone Cypionate)

Introduction about Cyphiobolic from Asia Pharma

Cypiobolic is used in an injection given to males to increase the growth of their sexual organs. Testosterone cypionate might be normally made in the body too. However with the help of this injection, not just the male hormones and organs will grow more but there will also be more healthiness in their muscles and more energy. It has been made from Cypiobolic, which is the main element in the growth of sexual organs in a man.

How It Works

The drug is not just extremely helpful in the growth of the male organs but it also stimulates the making of the growth chemical in the body itself. The male body is able to grow more masculine with the help of this drug. Not just that but the workings of the body is improved. With the help of this the body is able to retain more calcium and proteins within itself and release more of the useless compounds such as nitrogen. Therefore there is stability of such things in the body. With the help of this the growth factor in the body increases and there is development in all parts of the body, focusing more on the sexual organs.

Some Points to Remember

One thing that must be kept in mind is that this injection should only be taken for the prescribed period of time. Taking it for more than that time can cause negative side effects to the system of your body. It might also start happening that the lines that help in distributing the weight of your body start malfunctioning and there are some growth issues as well in the future. It has to be kept in mind that taking this for more than the required time will only cause one negative side effects. Thinking that the results will be better if one takes it for a longer period of time is not a good idea.

Another thing that must be kept in mind when using this injection is that the dosage varies from person to person and that is exactly how it should be taken.

Once this injection is purchased and opened, its expiry date should be kept in mind.

If you are taking any kind of other treatment, even one that involves simple things such as dentist treatments or so on it is better to consult your doctor first and then go ahead with taking the injections.

This injection is to be used according to age and health of a person. It is not safe for a person under the legal age to take this injection. Moreover too much aged people should also not take this injection without proper advice from the doctor.

When to Stay Away From Cypiobolic

This injection should not be used under the following circumstances:

If you have any kind of allergies it might happen that the elements of the injection coincide with the allergies. To make sure that there is no such risk factor it is better to not use them before consulting a doctor and making sure that it is safe to use.

If a woman is expecting or breastfeeding a child, then it is better to stay away from this. This is because this might cause some hormonal changes that can be a risk during pregnancy.

If you have any kind of disease such as asthma, cancer or so on.

Do not start this course if you are planning a child in the very near future.

If you take any kind of specific medicines or treatments it might happen that both together cause a side effect. It is better to ask your doctor regarding this and then use the injection.

There can be all kinds of risk factors if you try to use this injection under circumstances that you are a heart patient or have any kind of nutrient deficiency in your body.

All of these conditions suggest that before starting the use of Cypiobolic injections you should make sure that you check that any of these conditions do not apply to you. If they do then it is wise to take advice from your doctor about whether you should use this or not.

The most important part is that there are many kinds of medicines that coincide with this injection. When this happens there can be harmful side effects that can damage your body or its organs. If you are taking any kind of medicine then it is better that you go to your doctor with the medicines and injection and take advice on whether they should be taken together or not.

Guidelines Regarding Usage

1.Mostly this injection is given in a hospital with the help of a doctor or nurse. It is not good for an inexperienced person to try himself as it might happen that he injects at the wrong place or so on. however if you want to use the injection at home due to some reasons then learn to use the injection by the help of someone at the hospital. Make sure that you properly understand the way you have to handle the injection; otherwise it can result in a big risk

2.If you are using the injection at home then make sure to check a few details. The expiry date of the injection, the point of the injection, and whether the liquid is clear. If it appears to look peculiar then it is better not to use the injection.

3.Make sure that you do not leave this injection at unsafe places where it could be reached by anyone or broken/damaged by mistake

4.Missing a dose of this injection can be dangerous. If you have missed for some reason then you better take it immediately. However if tine for the next dose is near then it is better not to take the missed dose. Taking two doses at the same time or close together are not too good for health.

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Cypiobolic Injection Cypiobolic Injection ››
Package:1 VIAL containing 10 ml 200mg/ml 

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