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Somagena HGH by Asia Pharma (human growth hormone)

Larger image Somagena HGH by Asia Pharma
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Company: Asia Pharma
Generic Name: human growth hormone
Description: Growth hormone-humantropin (HGH )BD is called somatropin (somatrophin). hGH refers to human growth hormone and is an abbreviation for human GH (Somagena) extracted from human pituitary glands.
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About HGH Somatropin -somagena (Human Growth Hormone) eurohormones :

Synthetic Growth hormone-HUMANTROPIN BD (HGH) is called somatropin (British: somatrophin). hGH refers to human growth hormone and is an abbreviation for human GH (Somatotropin) extracted from human pituitary glands. In 1985, biosynthetic human growth hormone replaced pituitary-derived HGH for therapeutic use in the U.S. and elsewhere. Biosynthetic human growth hormone, also referred to as recombinant growth hormone, is also called somatropin and abbreviated as rhGH. Since the mid-1990s the abbreviation HGH has begun to carry paradoxical connotations, and now rarely refers to real GH used for indicated purposes. See articles on GH-HUMANTROPIN treatment and hGH quackery for fuller discussions of GH therapy and the HGH issue.

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What is HGH Somatropin-somagena (Human Growth Hormone) eurohormones ?

Somatotropin- somagena, also commonly referred to as human growth hormone-HUMANTROPIN (HGH), is a hormone that is produced in the human body and excreted into the blood by the somatotrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It is a single-chain protein that is composed of 191 amino acids with a molecular weight of approximately 22,000 Daltons.

GH secretion has many direct and indirect effects on the human body. First, GH stimulates the liver's production of insulin-like growth factor (IGH-1). Because GH stimulates the liver's production of IGF-1, the effects of both GH and IGF-1 are listed below.

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Synthetic version of Human Growth Hormone-HUMANTROPIN is called Somatropin (191 amino acid sequence growth hormone). It is identical to human body's own GH. However that is not the case for Somatrem (192 amino acid sequence growth hormone). But we will talk about that later.

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Direct and Indirect Effects of HGH Somatropin somagena (Human Growth Hormone) eurohormones  on the Human Body:

  • Stimulates division and multiplication of the chondrocytes of cartilage
  • Increases both calcium retention and the mineralization of bones
  • Stimulates cell growth in every organ of a human body
  • Increases metabolism
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • Induces protein synthesis
  • Decreases protein degradation
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Promotes lipolysis
  • Increases glucose transport

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In the human body, somatotropin  somagena - HUMANTROPIN BD is at its highest levels in children and during puberty, stimulating the growth of the body during those ages. After puberty, the level of growth hormone secretion declines and continues to do so as a person ages.

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a disease in which a person's pancreas fails to produce an adequate amount of normal endogenous growth hormone. In children, this results in short stature and growth failure. In adults, GHD causes deficiencies of strength, energy, and bone mass. buy humantropin now with

GHD can be treated in both children and adults with somatropin-humantropin , also known as synthetic human growth hormone (HGH). However, to treat conditions of height, a child must be treated before the growth plates (epiphyses) at the ends of long bones have fully matured and closed.

Healthy adults most commonly use Human Growth Hormone-humantropin BD for Anti Aging, Body Building and Fat Loss purposes.

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Common Uses of HGH Somatropin somagena (Human Growth Hormone) eurohormones :

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Treatment for small gestational age (SGA) and intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)
  • Idiopathic Short Stature
  • AIDS Wasting and Cachexia
  • Short Stature Caused by Turner's Syndrome
  • Short Stature Caused by Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Growth Problems Caused by Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Improper Growth in Children with Renal Disease
  • Body Building Enhancement Drug
  • Weight Loss Drug
  • Anti-Aging Drug
  • Treatment for Children with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Treatment for Children with X-Linked Hypophosphatemic Rickets (XLH)

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Jintropin by GenSci

Jintropin is manufactured and distributed by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. GenSci was the first China-based pharmaceutical company to patent secretion technology in China.

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Jintropin is available in lyophilized powder form that must be mixed prior to usage and is delivered by use of a syringe.

HGH Somatropin somagena (Human Growth Hormone) eurohormones  Side Effects:

As growth hormone is naturally produced in the human body, the side effects of HGH treatment are rare. Generally, these side effects are caused by taking higher-than-recommended doses of HGH-humantropin over longer-than-recommended periods of time. However, HGH has been known to occasionally cause:

Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes. In people with diabetes, their bodies do not produce an adequate amount of insulin, leading to dangerously high glucose levels. People with hypoglycemia have too much insulin, leading to too low glucose levels. Because HGH increases the level of insulin in your body, some people have suffered from hypoglycemia after taking HGH drugs. buy humantropin now with

Acromeglia is a disease that causes abnormal bone growth. HGH cannot cause acromeglia, but it can speed up the progression of the disease in people predisposed to it.
Extended Belly

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When used as a bodybuilding drug, HGH can cause a bodybuilder to have an extended belly if the drug is not used as directed. However, this defect is rare in users who take the drug as directed.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. It can lead to loss of hand movement. HGH-humantropin has been known to cause carpal tunnel syndrome in users who do not take the drug as directed. buy humantropin now with
Joint Pain

Because of its ability to cause growth in a person's body, some users report joint pain while taking HGH-humantropin somagena . This side effect is usually temporary.

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