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Trenabolic Injection (trenbolone acetate)

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Company: Asia Pharma
Generic Name: Trenbolone Acetate
Description: Trenbolone Acetate is used to promote weight gain following extensive surgery, chronic infection, or severe trauma, and in also other cases that result in inadequate weight gain.
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1 VIAL containing 10 ml-80mg/ml 200.00 USD 170.00 USD
2 X 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-80mg/ml 340.00 USD 320.00 USD
3 X 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-80mg/ml 510.00 USD 450.00 USD
Trenabolic Injection (trenbolone acetate)

Trenbolone acetate is the weight gain or the maintenance substance which is following much treatment like: severe trauma, chronic infection and extensive surgery. It is used to reduce the muscle with reduce the corticosteroids and linked with osteoporosis. It is belonged to the anabolic steroids class. Many unfavorable metabolisms are there and effected in the 5alpha-reductase, it having the short half life.

The long acting steroid Trenbolone acetate is available in the injection, it will effect on your metabolism, and it is the reliable and anabolic compounds because it boosts the protein synthesis with the promoting of proteins better. It will boost the fat position and protein in your body with develops the tissue of catabolism. Such drug experienced is rare so its side effect is also rare which hardly occur. In the case you take high dose then it damages your liver.

Trenbolone should not be used if:

In the case of pregnant

To turn into pregnant

Breast feeding

Kidney problems

Heart/ liver problem

Prostate cancer

In the case you want to adopt such condition you have to consult your doctor:

Before Trenbolone is used:



high blood calcium


To become pregnant

If you contain reaction to medicines or food

Heart disease


Coronary artery disease

High cholesterol levels


Lung disease

Sleep apnea


enlarged prostate

Use of Trenbolone:

There are many instructions which easily tell you that how can you use such dose of medicine:

You can get such injection in the clinic, hospitals or doctor shop, in the case you want the home services then you have to call your health care. In the case of question you also consult with the doctor.

You have to take place the far away the pet and childrens.

If you cant take such dose it is harm full for you, so consult the doctor and take 2 doses at once.

In the case you want to take other medicine instead of Trenbolone then you take following:



Microcline immunosuppressants






When you want to start, change or stop your dose of medicine then you have to consult your doctor, there are complete instructions about take medicine:

Possible Trenbolone side effects:

There are many side effects which occur commonly:

Gum tenderness or swelling

Hair loss


Bitter or strange taste in mouth


Change in sex drive

Gum pain

Gum or mouth irritation

Safety information:

Make sure about the using of Trenbolone with your dentle

Diabetes patients Trenbolone will affect your blood sugar.

You have to take lab test which clear all the reports which connect with the blood cholesterol, blood cell counts and blood testosterone. Such test should used in the case of side effects.

It effects are the sensitive

It should be the more affected on the 8 years old children.

Make sure you will not use the INFANTS and NEWBORNS much time It may serious effect on your body.

Side effects:



sinister urine or light-colored bowel

mood changes

episodic gasp while sleeping


Breast growth or pain

Changing size or shape of the testicles

Loss of appetite


Weight put on

skin or eyes yellow

Stomach pain

Ankles or legs swelling

Urination problems

This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, contact your health care provider. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

It is the not all list of the side effect there are many side effect occur will call you your health care and the concern with the medical adviser:

How store Trenbolone?

You have to store Trenbolone between the 59 to 86 degree in the C degree at the Rome temperature, Heat, light and moisture also sway on. Make sure not store in the washroom and also far away the children and pet range.

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