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Mastabolic Injection- Expired 07.2013. (drostanolone propionate)

Larger image Mastabolic Injection- Expired 07.2013.
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Company: Asia Pharma
Generic Name: Drostanolone Propionate
Description: Drostanolone Propionate is a man-made steroid, similar to the naturally occuring steroid testosterone.Drostanolone Propionate is used to promote weight gain following extensive surgery.
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1 VIAL containing 10 ml-100mg/ml 190.00 USD 170.00 USD
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3 x 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-100mg/ml 510.00 USD 420.00 USD
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2 x 1 VIAL containing 10 ml-100mg/ml 340.00 USD 320.00 USD
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Masteron- mastabolic drostanolone

Masteron mastabolic drostanolone is a medicine used as a mixture with other drugs specially for those women who suffered from breast cancer. Masteron mastabolic drostanolone helps in treating breast cancer. Masterom is very similar to the men’s and Masteron mastabolic drostanolone helps in making protein with muscle cell. It has many other functions like treating the extra protein in the body and increase the RCB.

Having this type of medicine needs a proper guidance and instructions, because if not taken accordingly it can cause some side effects. Those side effects can be:

Daily vomiting

Skin problems


Unusual facial hair growth


Weight loss


This is not a complete list of all those side effects you can face after having Masteron mastabolic drostanolone, so if any unusual effects you face after having medicine share it with your doctor as soon as you can, because not paying attention to this can cause you even more dangerous effects. order online .

At the time of prescribing this medicine your doctor will better guide you about what are the side effects after having this medicine and what are symptoms of those side effects. Once recognize about the negative effects you should share it with your doctor. Symptoms can be unusual bleeding, acne, skin problem, pimples, wrinkles etc.

Here are some precautions for those who are willing to take Masteron mastabolic drostanolone. Firstly those who are having allergy from any medicine or any ingredient of the medicine should avoid to take this medicine. Secondly those males who are wiling to use this medicine to enhance their strength or should also avoid having this medicine. This medicine is very effective for women who are suffering from cancerbut effets will appear only if this medicine will taken according to the doctor’s instructions. order online .

As mentioned above the side effects of Masteron mastabolic drostanolone if any unusual effet appear after having this medicine specially males, because side effects to males after having this medicine are more reported as compare to women. If any effects like regular erection, swelling, change in sexual desires or any other effect noticed, you should share it with your doctor.

There are some medicines which might interact with Masteron mastabolic drostanolone, which ca gives you side effects too,. If you are currently or have used recently any medicine don’t forget to share this with your doctor, your doctor will better guide you about should take Masteron mastabolic drostanolone or not. order online .

Masteron mastabolic drostanolone is more effective for women as compare to men and has less side effects too. But there are some very sensitive precautions for women. Those women who are planning a family or if they are pregnant don’t take this medicine as this medicine is 3times more powerful than other drugs. It ca cause your child growth. Even if you are a breast feeder or planning to become a breast feeder you are advised not to take this medicine. In both ways this medicine can effect your child, so avoid or ask your doctor before having Masteron mastabolic drostanolone.

If are suffering from any disease or recently you have experienced, share this information with your doctor. There are many diseases in which doctors do not recommend this medicine as it makes you more tired are gives less effects. Specially diabetes patients are advised before having this medicine must take doctor’s instructions. order online .

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